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Sometimes, in life, you’re going to have to take a backseat and be the extra in somebody else’s movie. And there’s no better way to stay comfortable doing it than in the Extra chair. Perfect for guests in a private office or lobby, the Extra is a strong, lightweight, stackable utility chair that can be easily stored and transported. It’s sleek, minimalist design paired with it’s unassuming comfort, make the Extra chair the best seat in house.

Our Story

 It was a doughnut that landed me in a movie with a Golden Globe winning actress. Not a jelly filled gimmick, but a classic, vanilla with sprinkles. The kind that makes you walk an extra four blocks when the first place you stopped is sold out. The kind that makes you walk to that corner bakery where you find a film crew looking for extras. I could have just taken my pastry and run, but I had a shot at having my cake and eating it too. So I took it. And it was red carpet delicious.



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