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Freeride Executive Now in Grey Vinyl

Introducing our new grey vinyl… in stock and available for order.

Class up any office space with our new and improved grey vinyl. This chic addition to our vinyl offering provides a subtle elegance, and going grey will finally get you the props that you deserve.
Our grey vinyl is available in The Studio, so don’t wait! Head over there and build your sweet new Wyatt chair today!


Whether it be at the office or plummeting down a ski slope in the middle of the night, you need to be able to adapt to changing circumstances. That’s why we’ve developed the Freeride. Equipped with a myriad of different parts and adjustments, the Freeride allows you to build a chair that suits all of your specific needs, and can be tailored to fit anyone in the office – from a promising intern to a high-rise executive. Just make sure to bring an extra pair of gloves. It’s chilly at the top.
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