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Opportunities come in all shapes and sizes. As should your chair. The G6 is a lightweight, comfortable task chair to count on in sticky situations. It’s breathable mesh back allows for air to circulate all around you and create a peaceful, free-flowing environment. Of course, no office chair is complete without some height adjustable armrests and a multi-function mechanism, complete with all the bells and whistles you might need to relax- whether that be at work or on a private jet.

Our Story

How do you end up on a private jet, flying across the country, with the hottest rock band in the world? Well, you need to be a little lucky. You need to know a limo driver who happens to owe you from that one time in Vegas. And when you’re asked, “are you with the magazine?” you relax, stand up straight, and simply answer, “Yes. Yes, I am.”




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