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Sometimes less is more. Bells and whistles are fun, but most of the time aren’t necessary. That’s the approach behind the La Mia’s design. It’s sturdy metallic A-frame, plastic seat and back make it the perfect seat for any situation. Whether you’re sitting down for an awkward interview or grabbing a seat to take off your snorkeling equipment, the La Mia has you covered. The perforated plastic back provides great air-flow when drying off from your latest dive or trying to stay cool when the day starts to heat up. It’s also available in nine – yes I said nine – colors, making it adaptable to any environment. Told you less is more.

Our Story

What’s the strangest interview you’ve ever been on? Mine involved flippers and a massive dry-cleaning bill. To earn a few extra euros I had to pick up a side gig during my semester abroad along the western coast of Italy. They told me to wear a suit to the interview – so I put on my best three-piece and headed to the address. I didn’t realize until I got there that they meant wet-suit. Probably should have thought about that considering it was for a snorkeling instructor. Still got the job.



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