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When dreaming up your next great idea, it can feel like you might literally float away. The Tether provides the perfect seat to keep you grounded while still allowing your mind to take flight. It’s full range of motion, 360° pneumatic mechanism, and 10° tilt allow for limitless mobility while navigating your next record breaking plan. Just don’t wander too far. You’ve got dinner plans at 6.

Our Story

It was a doughnut that landed me in a movie with a Golden Globe winning actress. Not a jelly filled gimmick, but a classic, vanilla with sprinkles. The kind that makes you walk an extra four blocks when the first place you stopped is sold out. The kind that makes you walk to that corner bakery where you find a film crew looking for extras. I could have just taken my pastry and run, but I had a shot at having my cake and eating it too. So I took it. And it was red carpet delicious.



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